Online enquiry enables you to receive legal advice in the field of Spanish, Polish or European labour and social security law quickly and cost effectively. Online legal advice can be sought to provide help in any matter, e.g. filling in an official form or application, or asking for a legal opinion.


To make an enquiry, please fill out the form and accept the online legal advice conditions below.

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Online Legal Advice – Terms and Conditions:


1. Online enquiry:

  • fill out the form;
  • read and accept the terms and conditions;
  • send the form

2. Online enquiry procedure:

  • Within 24h (on working days) from receiving online enquiry, we will send you a questionnaire giving details of the specific information and documents we require and a quote of our fees.
  • If you agree to our terms and conditions, we require payment to DominikaHirsch International of the full fee for the service you have ordered and that you mail or fax us the completed form prior to provision of the service.

3. We will commence the service immediately after receiving your payment into the bank account of DominikaHirsch International. At the same time, we will issue the invoice for the service to be provided, stating the personal details you have included in the form.


4. We will do our best to perform the service within the agreed deadline. A change in deadline would only occur exceptionally, in the event that the case proves to be more complex than initially expected and therefore requires more time to complete.


5. We reserve the right to refuse our online legal advice service to anyone without the need to justify our reasons for doing so. 


6. You will receive the answer to your enquiry electronically. If you so request, we can also send it to you by registered mail.

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