Studies about Central and Eastern Europe

Studies about Central and Eastern Europe are opened to enrollment at the University of Barcelona. During the programme the participants will get to know the most important social, economic, political, cultural and legal issues in the chosen countries of this part of Europe. Dominika Hirsch will teach Polish law.


Read more about the studies (in Spanish).

Welcome to Katarzyna Opalińska

Katarzyna Opalińska has joined our team. She is an economist and a specialist in public relations. In our company she will be responsible for the technology transfer and the liaison between business and education as well as for organizing public relations training sessions. Here you can read more about Katarzyna.

Dominika Hirsch about international marketing communication

During the 3rd European Forum for Marketing of Scientific and Research Organisations, which took place in November 2012 at the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw (Poland), Dominika Hirsch conducted a workshop about international marketing communication. During the workshop the participants analyzed marketing activities from different countries and the way, in which cultural differences have influence on the planning and realizing of international marketing campains.

Dominika Hirsch about Spain in the magazine "Gazeta MSP"

In the Polish magazine “Gazeta Małych i Średnich Przedsiębiorstw” (Magazine for Small and Medium Enterprises) Dominika Hirsch writes about the investment and business opportunities for Polish people in Spain.


Read the article (in Polish).

Dominika Hirsch about self-employment in Spain

In the Polish magazine “Twój Biznes” (“Your business”) Dominika Hirsch writes about being entrepreneur in Spain.


Read the article (in Polish).

Dominika Hirsch in Barcelona Televisió

In Barcelona Televisó Dominika Hirsch talked about her work, the intercultural training and the importance of intercultural competence in international environments.


Watch the interview (in Polish).

Dominika Hirsch about Spanish business culture

In the Polish radio programme “Niedziela z Jedynką“ Dominika Hirsch shares her experience from Barcelona and explains what is typical for Spanish business culture.


Listen to the interview (in Polish).

New online course "Living and working in Poland"

We are happy to announce that our cross-cultural online course “LIVING AND WORKING IN POLAND” has been just launched! We have created the course with Margarita Gokun Silver and the Global Coach Center from Florida, USA.


So whether you are planning to relocate to Poland, studying there, marrying a Pole, or working with Polish colleagues in a global project, this course:

  • provides you with a foundation of what the Polish culture is all about
  • through the Culture Mastery Process helps you understand the gap between your way of thinking and that of the majority of people of Poland
  • equips you with extensive tools to negotiate the difference
  • blends cross-cultural information with a coaching approach to understanding and becoming successful in any culture

Find out more about the course.

New publicaction on the negotiation and contracting culture in Spain

In September 2011, the book “Spanien von Innen und Aussen. Eine interkulturelle Perspektive” (Spain, from inside and outside. An intercultural perspective) was published. In one of the chapters Dominika Hirsch presents the initial results of her research on the negotiation and contracting culture in Spain. Furthermore, she shows the differences in the process of business negotiation between Catalonia and the rest of Spain.

Dominika Hirsch in the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce

Dominika gave a presentation on "Doing business in Eastern Europe: the case of Poland” during the conference organized by the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce within the series “Business Breakfast" (Esmorzars de Negocis). The conference took place on 15th September 2011.

Programme in Spanish

Programme in Catalan

Webinar: Internationalization of legal services

Webinar on challenges related to the internationalization of legal services. We are organizing it in collaboration with Katarzyna Watras, International Project Manager.

Please contact us if you would like to receive more information and sign up for the webinar.

Seminar: Security in the European Union – Your rights in Spain

Seminar on the rules of social security coordination in the European Union to protect your rights when relocating within the E.U.We organized the seminar in collaboration with the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Barcelona and the Catalan-Polish Cultural Association.

Webinar: Virtual Trust

Webinar on challenges related to developing trust in virtual environments and teams. We organized it in collaboration with SIETAR España (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) and Steven Parkinson from TMA World.

See the presentation (in Spanish).

Seminar: Working hours in Spain

Seminar on everything you should know about the rules governing working hours in Spain. We organized the seminar in collaboration with the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Barcelona and the Catalan-Polish Cultural Association.

Conference in the Barcelona Bar Association

On November, 18, 2010 Dominika gave a presentation at the Barcelona Bar Association on international communication and negotiation skills. She talked with almost 100 participants about the challenges facing lawyers when working on an international scale.

Spanish Labour Law Reform

Act 35/2010 reforming the Spanish labour market came into force on September 18, 2010. The aim of the reform is to revive the Spanish economy and reduce the unemployment rate, which is currently around 20 percent.  The reform is also aimed at limiting the use of fixed-term employment contracts, promoting permanent contracts and increasing internal flexibility of the employer’s workforce.

Workshop: Think and feel like an Argentine

On September, 10, 2010 Dominika conducted the workshop “Think and feel like an Argentine: Effective communication with Argentines”. We organized it in collaboration with Natalia Sarro, intercultural trainer and psychologist form Buenos Aires and with SIETAR España, an organization dedicated to promote intercultural communication.

See the video from the workshop.

Workshop: Active listening for international success

Workshop on developing active listening skills in international environments. We organized the seminar in collaboration with the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Barcelona and the Catalan-Polish Cultural Association.


Dominika on the I SIETAR Polska Congress

During the I SIETAR Polska Congress in December 2009 in Wroclaw, Dominika gave a workshop on developing trust in international teams. Furthermore, as a member of the SIETAR Polska PR team, she has participated in the organization and promotion of the Congress.

Three books written by Dominika on sale

Dominika has just had three books published; all of them in German: “Polnisches Handelsrecht” (Polskie Commercial Law), “Söldner sind wieder gefragt. Eine Untersuchung zur Rolle des postmodernen Söldnertum im deutschen und polnischen Strafrecht” (Mercenaries are again in demand. Research on the Role of Mercenaries in Polish and German Criminal Law) and “Vision für Europa gesucht. Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Förderung von Sprachkenntnissen durch die Europäische Union“ (Looking for a vision for Europe. Possibilities and Limits of European Union Linguistic Policy).


Read more about these publications.

Dominika in Alumni Viadrina

Dominika was a student at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder). On the alumni website you can read Dominika´s reflections on her professional career after finishing her studies (text in German).

Dominika in Sant Cugat International Business Club

At the business dinner organized by the Sant Cugat International Business Club, Dominika spoke about “Managing across cultures. The key to doing business in a global world”. The presentation addressed the role of cultural differences in managing people and companies. Dominika attempted to quantify the losses that companies sustain during their international activities when they fail to take into consideration the issues of intercultural management.

Dominika in COINED

During the annual meeting of COINED in Santa Susana on the Spanish Costa Brava, Dominika gave a presentation on culture shock and the development of intercultural competence. COINED (Comision de Intercambio Educativo), is a non-profit organization which, since 1971, has been active in the field of intercultural exchange and international education.

Dominika Hirsch collaborates with Richard Lewis Communcations

Dominika Hirsch is the first and only certified trainer of Richard Lewis Communications (RLC) in Spain. RLC is a British company, leader in English language and intercultural training. The company was founded by Richard D. Lewis, one of Britain` foremost linguist and interculturalists. Dominika participated in a training course for licensed trainers on March, 2009 in Riversdown House in Hampshire, Richard Lewis Communications` premium location, and now belongs to a network of over 250 trainers working all over the world.

Read about the online tool CultureActive.

Conference on European funds in Poland

The conference on European funds in Poland took place on March, 3, 2009 at the representation of the European Commission in Barcelona. The same conference took place in the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Madrid two weeks later. The conference was organized by the Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Polish Embassy and the companies Dominika Hirsch International and Adminex Spain. The conference was organized with support of the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Barcelona and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. During the conference, Dominika spoke about Polish business culture.

See programme (text in Spanish).

Intercultural training for Polish people working in Spain

On June 17, 2008, Dominika conducted an intercultural training course for Polish people living and working in Spain. The course was organized in collaboration with the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Barcelona and the Catalan-Polish Cultural Association.

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