Dominika Hirsch


Professional expertise

I am a lawyer and business trainer. As a lawyer I prepare legal solutions for international issues in the field of employment, labour and social security law. I am specialized in Spanish, Polish, and European Employment and Social Security law. I also advise on matters concerning Commercial Law. I am a member of the Barcelona Bar Association.


As a trainer, I help people to develop the skills they require to act effectively in a changing international environment. I design and conduct training programmes on mastering international teams, international negotiations, developing trust in international fields, and managing diversity. I also design and conduct training programmes for lawyers on the development of intercultural competence. I am a specialist in Polish, Spanish and German culture and fluent in the languages of these countries and in English. 


I left Poland, my native country, over twelve years ago and spent some time living and working in Germany and the Netherlands. Since 2005 I have been living in Spain.


I provide legal advice and also design and conduct training programmes on intercultural subjects in Polish, Spanish, English and German.

Professional experience

I formed the company DominikaHirsch International in 2007. Previously, I worked as a lawyer in an international law firm (Barcelona), as a Chairman’s personal assistant in a firm of international financial consultants (Barcelona), and as a Business Trainee in an energy company near Berlin.



I find the world of knowledge and investigation fascinating, so studying a wide range of subjects is always a source of pleasure for me. Below is a description of my professional qualifications.


Transformational Coaching, Coaching Centre Cristina Naughton, Barcelona, since 2012


LLM in Spanish Law from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, 2010 


LLM in German Law from the European University Viadrina in Frankurt Oder, 2005


Law and Administration at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, 2003


German Language at the Wrocław University, 2003


Cultural studies at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt Oder, 2002


You can find my profile in LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter and GoldenLine.




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