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Training courses in English, Spanish, Polish and German.


Training programmes


The aim of our training programmes is to prepare managers and members of the professions to work in international environments and to increase the effectiveness of their interaction with representatives of different countries.


Our experience shows that, after participating in our training programmes, the capacity of an international team increases by up to 20 percent. We achieve the same result in the effectiveness of international negotiations, operations and projects. Work satisfaction in a multicultural environment likewise improves considerably. This is because the participants of our training programmes develop the intercultural competence which serves as their strongest ally in an international work and business environment.

Mastering International Teams

Intercultural competence is one of the basic skills necessary in an actual business world.

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Developing trust

Trust bears an influence on all aspects of our activities and the degree of trust we are able to build has far-reaching consequenc...

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Intercultural training programmes for lawyers

Provision of legal services is becoming more and more international and requires a wide range of skills beyond good knowledge of l...

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International Negotiation

Nowadays, being successful in a national market is not enough. The key to real success lies in the ability to be competitive in fo...

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Relocation training

Spain, Poland, Germany, China, India, Brazil, Morocco, Russia.... A relocated manager – referred to as “an expatriate” - has to de...

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Diversity training

We are different! It is our age, sex, origin, personal and professional experience and our skills that make us different...

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Natalia Sarro & Dominika Hirsch Workshop about Argentine culture

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