Aleksandra Dzwonek


Professional expertise

I am specialized in economic psychology, particularly in psychological aspects of promotion and advertising and also in market and economical attitude analyses (especially in different cultural background).


Consequently, with DHI team I am responsible for promotion and organization of intercultural trainings in Poland. Furthermore, I help to organize and to conduct webinars and online trainings.


Moreover, my passions are history and the city of Warsaw. Since many years, as a tourist guide, I try to discover the beauty of the city for foreigners from different parts of the world. I also design and conduct webinars about Warsaw for people who would like to visit Poland as for those who just want to know something more about the city and to discover it virtually.


Additionally, as a historian, I design and conduct online workshops about Polish history, always with a bit of humor. In a global world it is very important to build own cultural identity, even in a very young age. Because of that, I dedicate my training not only for adults but also for children.


I am fluent in Polish, English and Spanish.


Professional experience

I collaborate with DominikaHirsch International since 2011. Since 2006 I am also a Warsaw Tourist Guide. Previously I worked in travel office, in the company which distributed software and hardware and also as an animator in Spain. 



Since I remember I had had wide range of passions, therefore I decided to begin interfaculty and individual studies at the University of Warsaw, where I graduated in 2011 as a specialist in economic psychology. During these studies I studied not only the psychology but also social – economic geography and geography of the developing countries.
Moreover, at the University of Warsaw, I studied History as well. I spent a part of my studies at the University of Burgos in Spain. I have graduated in History in June 2012 as a specialist in didactic.
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